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Zion School

Nairobi, Kenya

Services Offered

Dave Baker, Filmmaker

OVERVIEW // AIC Zion School exists in the heart of the Mathare slums as a ministry of AIC Zion Church, which is affiliated with the African Inland Church of Kenya. Reverend Johnson Wambua became the pastor of AIC Zion Church in 2002. Since then, he has planted six sister churches in Mathare and beyond.

In 2005, at AIC Zion Church in Mathare, Wambua began a primary school with 16
children and christened it AIC Zion Education Center. Since its opening, AIC Zion has added high school classes, and the number of students has increased to more than 700. Students enjoy a playground, breakfast and lunch, a health facility, modern washrooms, and sports and drama programs.

AIC Zion School continues to expand its property and added a grade level with each new school year. As of 2018, AIC Zion has added up to eleventh grade with a total of 680 students, providing each of them with breakfast and lunch. The school is only part of Wambua’s greater vision to educate children through twelfth grade.

Film by Dave Baker